Batgirl robbed humiliated LAN, Watch online porn movie

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2 years ago
This video sucked it didn't make sense and there was no reason for them to do that to "Batgirl" the video was poorly made the outfit was poorly made the noises the girl was making sucked like it was horrible to listen to the way they shoved the dildo up her pussy was brutal and stupid and they were touching her by slapping punching and grabbing parts of her skin weirdly and it was just horrible also "Batgirl" would be able to get out of the ropes and would have screamed and kicked way more
Hmm 6 years ago
I know, for the sake of the story, they had no reason to strip because they were in control and were all about humiliation rather than abusing Bats for sexual reasons but damn it, this is porn! If every female in any given video isn't fully naked by the end of it, you may as well not have made the video!
1 year ago
Could they not have humiliated Batgirl more by stripping and making her pleasure them? Hell even stripping and rubbing themselves against her is still increasing the humiliation and we all get to see more women naked as a result.
batgirl 5 years ago
they did nothing
Batgirl 8 years ago
They hurt me:( I'm still struggling so bad to recover
No soy jose 6 years ago
What is the name of the batgirl??
weird 10 years ago
at 3:03 why does batgirl punch her in the butt?
Captain 2 years ago
This video sucked there was nothing to it.
2 years ago
Please tell me, what is the name of the actress bat?
Bob 8 years ago
U mad bro